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Ordering with us is easy!

1. Do you charge a set up fee?

Never!  We have no hidden costs with our scratch off cards.  There is no set up fee when you order with us.


2. What are our payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, company checks, and PayPal.


3. Help! I need scratch cards fast.  What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time for quantities under 100,000 cards is 1 week or less.  If you're looking to order more than 100,000 cards, we can usually start shipping partials within 3 days of beginning production.  If you need cards faster, it's not a problem at all.  We are happy to accommodate you to meet your deadline!


4. Do you have rush charges?

We do NOT have rush charges!  We understand everyone gets into a jam sometimes.  Just let us know when you need your order in hand and we will accommodate your schedule.


5. Do you have a minimum quantity or a set size the scratch off card needs to be?

No!  You can order as few or as many cards as you need.  We have the capability to print up to 2 million cards in house.  The scratch off cards can be any size that you want.  Our most popular sizes are 2.25" x 3.5, 3" x 5", and 4" x 6".


6. Will we get updates once we place our order?

Yes, our customer service is the best in the industry.  We are here for you, no matter what you need.  As soon as your order is placed and you're in our press schedule, you will receive an estimated delivery date.  A few days before your order is ready to ship, we will reach out to you to let you know.  If you have any questions in the meantime, our team is always here and available by phone or email.  We are happy to help any way we can!

No hidden costs...ever!

7. Are there any hidden costs?

One reason our clients like working with us, and why they return over and over, is  we don't have any hidden fees.  So the price we quote you, is always our best price.  Here are some of these items which we do not charge for:


• No set up fee

• No quantity minimum for any size card

• No charge for generating variable data

• No charge for multiple prize versions

• No charge for multiple scratch off areas

• No charge for custom scratch off shapes

• No charge to separate cards by prize version when packaging

• No rush charges for custom scratch off cards

• Free graphic design on orders of 500+ cards

• Quantity: No minimum! Up to 2 million cards

Production Capabilities

8. What kind of printing equipment do you have?

We have a 30,000 square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are a complete commercial printing company that specializes in superior scratch off promotions. We have digital presses, offset presses, and the capability to die cut, number, perforate, shrinkwrap and package your cards.  Everything is done in-house in a secure environment.


9. Can you print custom cut out shaped in the shape of a star?

Absolutely!  We have the equipment to die cut your cards into any shape you want.


10. Can we see a physical sample of the card before it is printed?

Absolutely.  We always provide digital proofs before we go on press, this way you can make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it to.  We don't charge for digital proofs. If you need something changed before we go on press, we don't charge for this.  We can also send you a physical press proof by UPS Next Day Air upon request.  We want you to feel comfortable that your custom scratch off cards will be produced the way you want.


11. I want to design my own card.  What format do you want the graphics supplied in?

We prefer high res Adobe PDF files.  We also accept AI, EPS and PSD files.  We need a a .25” bleed on all 4 sides and .25" gutter inside the cut marks.  All fonts should be converted into outlines/vectors. Please ask our customer service team for more information on our artwork specs if you have more questions.


12. Help! I need art designed. What do I do?

We have some of the most talented graphic designers in the industry.  We would love to design your custom promotion for you!  Our award-winning team is able to put together vibrant scratch off promotions that are not only eye-catching but that also reflect your company's personality, vision, and will produce results.  We have designed cards that have been featured on the hit TV show Deal or No Deal, we have created award winning company incentive and safety programs, and we have designed for companies like FedEx, Marriott, Amazon, Goodwill Industries, and numerous professional sports teams (to name just a few!)  We may sound like we're bragging, but our team is seriously excellent!  If you're ordering 500 or more cards from us, the graphic design is complimentary.  We can use your logo, graphics, corporate colors, slogans, etc. - or we can create something completely unique for you. We will give you a range of choices too!  You will receive between 2-6 layouts to view.


13. How long will it take to receive a proof?

If we are working with your artwork or creating something for you, we are usually able to generate proofs within 1-2 business days.

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14. How many prizes can we give away?

You can have as many prizes on your scratch off cards as you want! Our quote includes up to 10 different prizes, but if you need more, we can accommodate you.  If you want each card to have a completely different prize or code, we will program your cards as variable data.  Anything is possible with Scratch Off Works!


15. Can I have photos, pictures or barcodes under the scratch off area?

Your prize doesn't have to be text or numbers.  With our custom scratch off printing, you can give away any type of prize that you want: text, variable data, barcodes, QR codes, symbols, pictures...the sky is the limit!

Variable Data

16. Can I have unique codes or a control number on my cards?

Absolutely!  We have an in-house programming team that will program your scratch cards as variable data.  We can generate the codes for you or use codes supplied by you.  We do not charge for generating data.  We can print unique codes on every card, serial numbers, control numbers, user names, login passwords, alphanumeric random codes - whatever you need.


17. Is my variable data secure during printing?

During production, your variable data is only seen by our head programmer and our production manager.  We take the security and confidentiality of your safety incentive program as seriously as you do.  When the project is completed, we will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet with the unique codes, user names, serial numbers, prizes, etc.


18. Is there a way we can we track our promotion?

We can number your cards and then provide you with an Excel spreadsheet that shows each card and its specific prize/control number combination.  This is great for clients who have multiple stores and want to know which scratch off cards are being redeemed.

Scratch Off

19. How many scratch off areas can we have on a card?

You can have as many scratch off areas you want, in any shape and size that you want, and anywhere on the card that you want!  There is no difference in the price if you have one scratch off area or 50!


20. What size and shape can the scratch off area be?

At Scratch Off Works, we do not use labels for our scratch off cards so you can have complete freedom to choose the size and shape of your scratch off area(s).  The scratch off area can go anywhere you want on the card.  Everything is completely customizable.


21. What is the difference between a scratch off label and what you use?

We use a latex ink that will cover your prizes and data completely and scratches off clean.  Some companies use stickers or “security labels” to cover the PIN numbers and variable data.  These are labels that are not completely secure.  They have the risk of peeling off if the weather is too hot or cold, and they are susceptible to tampering.  The material we use is a latex ink which is 100% opaque so it completely conceals the codes printed beneath it.  The material adheres directly to the paper so it will not peel off.  It scratches off clean, with no residue on your fingers.  Most importantly, our ink reduces the risk of tampering or accidentally scratching off the numbers printed beneath it.

Packaging & Shipping

22. How are the cards packaged?  Can you shrinkwrap or box the scratch off cards into specific groups?

Yes, we can shrinkwrap or box your cards into virtually any quantity you need.


23. So we know which cards are the winners, can you separate the prizes and keep each prize version together?

There is no charge for this!  Yes, we can ship the cards to you with the prizes separated.

24. Can we ship to multiple locations?

Yes, we can drop ship scratch off cards to as many locations as you need, anywhere in the world!  We use UPS to ship within the United States and internationally, but we can also ship on your UPS or FedEx account if you prefer.

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